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Our staff is fully trained and professional in dealing with claims. They will assist in every aspect of your claim. Guidance will be given on the information and documentation required. Then co-ordinate all aspects and stages of your claim with your insurers. CLAIMS/ACCIDENT REPORTING PROCEDURE. * Any accident must be reported to your Insurers immediately. * Do not delay in reporting any accident no matter how small it may appear at the time of occurrence. * Such notification can be advised to our offices. * When we receive notification of an accident that might give rise to a claim under your policy, we will inform the insurer without delay and, in any event, within five working days. * We shall use our best endeavours when acting on your behalf in relation to a claim, to handle all elements of the claim with due care, skill and diligence. * We will advise you promptly of insurer's requirements concerning claims, including the provision, as soon as possible, of information required to establish the nature and extent of a loss. * Such requests for information from you insurer and/or claims representative must receive your full co-operation and immediate attention. * Any solicitors/third party letters/correspondence received must be passed to us immediately, unanswered, by return post. * Such incidents must be reported immediately (regardless of whether you are of the opinion it will not lead to a claim) or as soon as practically possible and thereafter in writing to enable a proper investigation to be carried out. Your insurer will appoint a loss adjuster and/or a claims investigator on your behalf. * After investigation if it is clearly identified by the insurer that such an incident will give rise to a claim you will may be requested to pay any policy all claims excess applicable (i.e your contribution of each and every claim set out in your insurance policy). * We shall forward any payments received from insurers in respect of any claim, to you, without delay. * In cases in which settlement has been issued by the insurer direct to a third party we will inform you once we receive formal notice from your insurer. * An update on the progress of any claim under your policy can be obtained at any time by contacting our offices. * This brokerage has no delegated authority from any insurer to settle / negotiate claims on your behalf. * Our service is to assist you in the reporting and collation of information/documentation required by your insurer.


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Whitehall Chambers, 43 New Row, Coleraine. Co Londonderry. BT52 1AE.

Telephone: +44(0) 28 703 25999   Fax: +44(0) 28 703 4641   Email: admin@wallace-group.co.uk