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Contractors Plant insurance provides “all risks” cover for any item of contractors’ plant or machinery anywhere in the UK (Republic of Ireland can also be included), whether it’s owned or hired in. Basic cover is for loss or accidental damage arising from sudden and unforeseen damage.


The policy is usually set up on an unspecified sum insured basis (individual plant items are not specified within the policy). Such cover excludes Road Traffic Act cover, which falls under commercial motor insurance.


Insurers give discounts on premiums and excess levels for plant fitted with approved immobilisers or tracking devices.


Equipment Breakdown and Damage is available on an itemised or "all plant" basis and covers explosion, breakdown and accidental damage. Also included as standard is cover for own surrounding property following pressure explosion, re-siting of machinery, the costs of hiring a substitute item following a loss and a % escalation for replacement of equipment with a more efficient (greener) alternative.


Business Interruption covers including loss of profits/revenue or increased cost of working are available following equipment breakdown, damage and failure of utilities.



Computer Cover is available on an 'all risks' basis or on a restricted cover basis in order to dovetail with commercial insurances. Full theft cover (without a forcible and violent condition), full breakdown (without a maintenance agreement condition), and virus cover are included as standard.


Deterioration of Stock provides cover for loss of goods

in cold storage following breakdown.


Machinery Movement is a tailor made cover designed for single or annual movement of Plant and Machinery. (See Transit Insurance Section)


Renewable Energy Insurance Solutions are available to cover construction and operational risks (including business interruption) for wind turbines, photovoltaic installations, biogas and anaerobic digestion plants and hydroelectric plants.


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Whitehall Chambers, 43 New Row, Coleraine. Co Londonderry. BT52 1AE.

Telephone: +44(0) 28 703 25999   Fax: +44(0) 28 703 4641   Email: admin@wallace-group.co.uk