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Increasingly insurers expect more of you (the insured) by way of monitoring the way you implement health & safety at work, training and risk manage your business. Insurers now reward those with a high level of risk management by way of reduced ratings incentives.


Risk management is the process whereby organisations methodically address the risks attaching to their activities with the goal of identification and then outline a treatment of such risks. Such controlled and enforced measures should reduce the chance of an accident whilst increase the potential for reduced premiums.


Wallace Insurance Brokers provide a comprehensive service to give guidance on what insurers expect of you and how you can maximise your current risk management structures to impress your insurers. This may be by way of an on site survey but in all cases will require us to collate copies of your management structures, example projects, training certificates, health & safety policy and risk assessments to forward to your insurers together with our own report. These can assist insurance company underwriters in understanding your business which may influence a reduction in insurance premium rating.  We have pleasure in outlining our range of services.




A Health and Safety Audit is where we would visit your premises or site and undertake a fresh look at your existing health and safety arrangements. We would examine all the company's activities with reference to current Health and Safety legislation and draw up a report for management. This report would provide an overview of your company's Health and Safety strengths and weaknesses and recommend changes which you may wish to consider..


A Health and Safety Audit can be arranged on a once off basis but usually an annual relationship is agreed. Visits can be arranged once a year, quarterly or even monthly subject to your requirements.




A Health and Safety Policy (A "statement" of your company's Health and Safety procedures) is required, under legislation, if you have five or more employees. Even if you have less than five employees such a statement is still recommended. We would arrange to visit your premises to give you guidance on how to draw up such a statement. This would involve us identifying Health and Safety areas in your business which should be included within such a statement. We would then give guidance on how to convert this information into written form and how to make use of your Health and Safety Policy and implement the procedures set out therein.



An Accident investigation provides an immediate response service following an accident at your workplace. We would visit the location of the accident and undertake an investigation for management. This would provide a report outlining the reasons the accident occurred and identify any possible change in procedures which should be adopted to prevent recurrence in the future. Guidance can also be given on reporting of accidents to the Health and Safety Executive and Insurance Companies.




Risk Assessment is designed to identify Health and Safety requirements on a specified risk. This may be a construction project (C.D.M. Regulations) or a manufacturing process in which you are about to engage. Under Health and Safety legislation employers are to take "Reasonably practicable" precautions to ensure the safety of employees. We can visit you to identify your particular problem and provide guidance on Health and Safety issues which maybe required.




This provides an online or telephone information request service. Our qualified professional staff are available to answer your questions and have extensive resources to provide you the backup you require.




We provide a range of risk surveys for Insurance Companies and/or Insurance Brokers. Primary discussions would determine the type of information required by the Insurance Company/Broker in the report. Reports can be tailor made to suit individual needs and always include comprehensive photographic analysis of the risk concerned. Surveys are undertaken on a fee basis. Fees are determined by the nature of the survey, estimated time to undertake and the survey location.




"A company that has a monitored Health and Safety program is a better risk, to an insurer, than one that does not" In 1991  Wallace Insurance Brokers established the basic principal with a number of insurers that those firms who take greater care in the implementation of Health and Safety should be a lower insurance risk. "Contract Safe" is a unique service which provides you with a combined range of our products, Health and Safety Audit , Health and Safety Policy Advice, Accident Investigation and Advisory Service.Insurance survey reports are provided. These can assist insurance company underwriters in understanding your business which, in many cases, may influence a reduction in insurance premium rating.

Whitehall Chambers, 43 New Row, Coleraine. Co Londonderry. BT52 1AE.

Telephone: +44(0) 28 703 25999   Fax: +44(0) 28 703 4641   Email: admin@wallace-group.co.uk