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Statutory Inspection


Legislation makes employers responsible for ensuring that certain work equipment exposed to conditions causing deterioration which is liable to result in dangerous conditions, is inspected at suitable intervals.


Inspection is a legal requirement. Plant / Machinery groups are defined into categories: Pressure systems, Lifting, Power presses and Process Machinery, Electrical and Exhaust/Ventilation systems. Statutory inspections are undertaken by qualified insurance company engineers. They visit the location of the plant, undertake an inspection and (if passed) provide you with an inspection certificate. Frequency of inspection depends on the type of plant. Examples of applicable plant:


Lifting Plant


Accessories for lifting (Lifting Tackle)

Axle Stands

Block (Electric)

Block (Pneumatic )

Blocks and Winches (Manual)

Boat Mover and Boat Hoist

Breakdown Crane

Builders Platform Hoist


Cantilever Crane

Container Transporter Crane

Crawler Crane (Diesel)


Dock Levellers

Dragline Excavator (Diesel)

Dragline Excavator (Walking)

Dumper Truck

Electric Magnet

Engine Crane


Floating Crane

Fork Lift Truck (Reach)

Fork Lift Truck (Rough Terrain)

Fork Lift Truck (Sideloader)

Fork Lift Truck (Telescopic)

Fork Lift Truck (Counterbalanced)

Goliath and Semi-Goliath Cranes

'Grabbing' Crane


Hydraulic Excavator (360 Degree)

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Inclined Hoist


Lifting Tackle (Accessories for lifting)

Loading Shovel with Back Actor

Loading Shovel

Lorry Loading Crane

Man Basket

Manual Fork or Platform Lift Truck

Manual Gantry Crane

Manual Hydraulic Jib Crane

Mobile Elevating Work Platform

Mobile Jib Crane

Mobile Crane with Grab

Motor Vehicle Lifting Table

Order Picker

Overhead Travelling Crane (Electric)

Overhead Travelling Crane (Manual)

Pallet Truck

Passenger Lift

Patient Hoists

Pedestal Crane (Electric)

Portal Crane

Rope Blocks

Runway Track

Scaffold Jib Crane

Scotch Derrick Crane

Sheer Legs

Ship-Shore Container Crane

Shower Trolley


Straddle Carrier

Suspended Access Equipment

Swing Jib Crane (Pillar/Wall)

Tool Balancer

Tower Crane (Luffing)

Tower Crane (Saddle Jib)

Tower Crane (Self Erecting)

Travelling Chain Block (Manual)


Vehicle Tailboard Lifts

Wheelchair Lift

Winch (Powered or Manual)



Electrical Plant


Air Compressor

Diesel Engine and Alternator

Electrical Power Transformers


Gas Engine

Oil Burner Unit

Pump (Centrifugal)

Refrigeration Compressor

Steam Turbines

Water Turbine/Generator


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Pressure Plant



Air Filter

Air Receivers


Blowdown Tank

Boiling Pans (Steam Heated)

Composite Boiler

Compressed Air System (Medium Sized)

Compressed Air System (Small)


Fire Tube Boiler

Fire Tube Boiler (Horizontal)

Fire Tube Waste Heat Boiler

Pressurised Hot Water Boiler (High Temp)

Pressurised Hot Water Boiler (Medium Temp)

Pressurised Hot Water Boiler (Low Temp)

Safety Valve

Steam-Heated Boiler

Steam/Hot Water Boiler (un-pressurised)

Vertical Steam Boiler

Water Level Indicator

Wet Back Boiler


Power Presses


Blow Moulding Machine

Friction Screw Press

Guillotine (Electric/Hydraulic)

Horizontal Diecasting Machine

Horizontal Injection Moulding Machines

Hydraulic Press (Fixed Guards)

Hydraulic Press (Interlocking Guards)

Hydraulic Press (Photo-Electric Guard)

Pneumatic Press

Power Press (Electric - Automatic Guard)

Power Press (Electric - Fixed Guard)

Power Press (Electric with Enclosed Tool)

Power Press (Electric - Interlocking Guard)

Press Brake (Electric - Distance Bar Trip Guard)

Press Brake (Electric - Early Rising Interlocking Guard)

Press Brake (Electric - Fixed Guards)

Press Brake (Electric - Photo Electric Guard)

Press Brake (Hydraulic - Photo-Electric Guard)

Rotary Indexing Moulding Machine

Universal Metalworker

Vertical Injection Moulding Machines



Whitehall Chambers, 43 New Row, Coleraine. Co Londonderry. BT52 1AE.

Telephone: +44(0) 28 703 25999   Fax: +44(0) 28 703 4641   Email: admin@wallace-group.co.uk